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Community Supported Agriculture (Chicken CSA)


Community Supported Agriculture comes in many forms, but the main theme is a farmer offers 'shares' of what he or she expects to produce in a season, and consumers of the CSA purchase those shares. Each week (or month) the members receive a portion of the harvest. Read more about CSA's here-


This is our first year trying a CSA; for the farmer it provides a pre-arranged market for our products, which takes the selling/marketing off our plate so we can focus on growing the best food we can. It also allows us to plan how many chicks to raise for the year, and how much feed to stock up on.


Why participate in a Chicken CSA?


Support Local Economy- Money you spend in your area stays in that area, not out in some Manhattan penthouse. 


Know Your Farmer- Pickup days allow you to check out the place where your food is grown, and to talk to the farmer about whatever you are curious about. 


Quality- Chickens grown without antibiotics or hormones, in clean pens, and fed real grain, not rendered animal carcasses or ground-feathers, produces a vastly superior product, both for your taste buds and for the environment.


Cost- Buying through a CSA is cheaper than regular Farm Store prices, by almost 10%!


Our Chicken CSA runs during the summer and fall, with pickups running from mid-July to early November.




You reserve a certain type of share, depending on how much chicken you want to get a month, how you want it processed, whether to include giblets. Our chickens are on either side of 7 pounds (whole bird), a perfect fit for the oven. Typically the chicken will be frozen, and can be cut up either as a whole, half, or parted out (2 breasts, 2 thighs, 2 wings and 2 drumsticks).

We order chickens to supply the shares, and by the middle of July the first share will be ready for pickup. The CSA runs for six months; you choose to pickup either the first Tuesday of the month from 4-7 pm, or the third Sunday of the month from 12-3 pm. You come to Thunder Ridge Ranch on the pre-arranged day and time and pick up your chicken(s). That's it! We will include recipes and tips on cooking the chicken so you have the best experience possible.