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Angus Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Turkey and Chevon

About Us

Our family operates a 300+ acre Black Angus cattle ranch, with
cows and cropland on both Route 10 and River Rd in Piermont, NH. Our farm is located in the Connecticut River Upper Valley; some of the best farmland to be found in New England.  Our farmland is Certified Organic and our
cattle are raised naturally – raised without the use of growth hormones, implants,
animal byproducts or fed-antibiotics.  Over the years we've added chickens, turkeys, sheep, pigs, goats and ducks.  We've chosen to raise our livestock in a natural and humane environment.  We do not use hormones or implants to speed their growth.  We do not feed them antibiotics or other funny stuff.  They eat organic hay and pasture and grain from a local feed company. 


 We believe in the sustainability of small family farms and the importance of local food. Local food supports a sense of community, it keeps our farmlands open and productive, it doesn't travel hundreds or thousands of miles to get here.

Know where your food comes from - buy direct from the farmer.