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Farm Store-



Our Farm Store is at the ranch, in the basement of our house. There we keep the cuts of everything we produce, You can pickup larger orders at the Farm Store as well, we'll bring up the boxes of meat to your vehicle. When you come into our driveway, find a place to park and go onto the porch, where next to the front door there is a button for the doorbell. If we are home we will meet you at the door and let you in the store. Watch your step, the stairs going down to the basement are stone slabs from the late 1800's! If we are out in the barns or haying, there will be a note on the front door telling you to call us. We are almost always within five minutes of the house so call the number on the note and we'll be there in a snap.




The store. Clockwise from left (freezers): Beef, lamb/restock, chicken, pork.

Cuts of beef; each piece has the USDA inspection sticker, our ranch label, the type of cut, weight, price per lbs and cost of the piece.

Mary, the grandmother-in-residence. She will typically be the one who greets you at the door and point you to the store.
Our farm has always had a flock of laying chickens. Our current girls are getting old, so we got some more new chickens that will start laying this fall. They are called Reich's Golden Reds, a cold-hearty brown egg layer.