Thunder Ridge Ranch LLC

Thunder Ridge Ranch LLC

...selling Premium Natural Farm-Raised Meats -
Angus Beef, Chicken, Pork and Lamb

Black Angus Cattle


We sell cattle of all ages , both breeding stock and beef. Breeding stock includes weanlings, heifers to cows and cow-calf pairs. Beef includes feeders to finished steers. And we also sell bulls of all ages. We have a commercial Black Angus herd, most are from registered stock, however we do not keep up with the paperwork. Our bulls are usually all registered Black Angus. A small fraction of the herd include animals with a small percentage of both Hereford and Shorthorn. Our cows are not huge, we select for a mid-size deep-bodied frame. We also select for temperament and calving ease; both being very critical to our operation. We spend a lot of time with our cows, and as a result they tend to be very people-friendly.


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