Thunder Ridge Ranch LLC

Thunder Ridge Ranch LLC

...selling Premium Natural Farm-Raised Meats -
Angus Beef, Chicken, Pork and Lamb


Our pigs are a Yorkshire-type, with occasional Tamworth spots popping up every now and then. Their bodies are long, the 'bacon' build as experts call it and produce a very high quality carcass that's not lean and dry. We finish our pigs so they are well-conditioned and delicious. For their own safety as well as our own, we trim their milk teeth when they are born. Otherwise the pigs grow razor-sharp tusks and can really hurt their pen mates and caretaker (you and I). All males are castrated unless you tell us ahead of time that you want a boar piglet. At Thunder Ridge Ranch our sows have litters of 8-10 piglets twice a year, in late winter/early spring and again in late fall. Spring piglets are $100 due to high demand, fall piglets tend to be less. We have feeder pigs available as well.

Currently Not Available:

Spring piglets, $100 each. Call for availability.