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    Our natural, humanely raised chickens are raised without antibiotics, hormones or any other additives, and are larger than what you typically find at the supermarket (with much higher quality!) with whole hens averaging 6-7 lbs. and roosters around 8-9 lbs. Our Jumbo White Cornish Cross X Rocks birds arrive at our post office as two-day old peeping little chicks in a cardboard box just hatched from the hatchery. We raise them in large free-range pens with plenty of room to walk around and wood shavings for comfort, protected by chicken panel fencing to protect them from coyotes. Their feed, a special formula for broilers, comes from a local Vermont family-owned grain company and has no animal byproducts or any other funny stuff. The chickens always have fresh, free-choice water. When they reach 8-10 weeks of age we start processing them on-farm. You could call it a family day, with everyone pitching in and doing one part of bringing a live bird to the freezer. The taste of our chicken is out of this world. The meat if plump, juicy, and tender with great texture. No salt water has been added to it, it has not been chlorine-bleached during processing. Its processing has been safe and sanitary. We sell our tender, flavorful chicken as either whole or half birds, by the part, or by CSA (coming soon!). See our price sheet for details.