Thunder Ridge Ranch LLC

Thunder Ridge Ranch LLC

...selling Premium Natural Farm-Raised Meats -
Angus Beef, Chicken, Pork and Lamb


Our sheep are Katahdins, a breed of sheep whose wool sheds for the summer and grows back in the winter. Almost all other breeds require the farmer to shear their wool. Because Katahdins do not, they produce less lanolin, the oil that lubricates the sheeps dense layer of wool. We find that with less lanolin, the meat is milder and better tasting. Our herd has lambs nursing lambs, weanling lambs; both for pets and breeding stock. Our Katahdins have primarily a Class A coat.

Katahdin lambs; in the process of shedding their winter coats.

Currently Available:

Katahdin Ram-

$200. 3-4 yrs old, Large, very nice looking, good conformation.


Spring lambs-

Available upon weaning, $150 each.

Orphan Ewe Lamb-

$100.  Currently one month old.  Bottle-fed. Available now. (you must must continue to bottle feed her)