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    Wstarted raising pigs years ago after the boys found and brought home an errant piglet they found foraging around in our woods. We named her Alice. Now, we have a wide range of pork products, from individual cuts of meat (see our price list) to sides and whole hogs. The quality of our pork is outstanding;  the meat is tastier because they are raised for a longer time period than commercial pigs. Their meat contains more fat in the muscle so it is juicier and not as dry as commercial pigs. We hear back from customers all the time who after trying our meat can't bring themselves to buy from the store anymore. Our pigs live in large, clean loafing pens with their group mates and are fed an ample diet of  grain and fresh water, along with occasional baked goods from local stores and in season, lots of our farm's  apples and pumpkins. This summer we are constructing outdoor pens for them to live in and do piggy things. We do NOT put antibiotics in their feed, or hormones, or cut their tails, or any of that stuff that some industrial farmed pigs have to endure. You can be assured of a humanely raised, tasty, wholesome product you can be proud of.