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    Our Black Angus cattle (steers) are grass-fed and grain-finished. What does this mean? It means that soon after a calf is born they start eating hay or grass alongside their mother. When spring-time comes around and the grass pops up they are put out on pasture, how nature intended. Typically, calves are born from January through March, and live with their mothers on pasture until they are old enough to be weaned. During the cold months, when the cows are in the barns, we feed them hay cut from our certified organic fields. If the mothers are getting close to calving we also give them some grain pellets, to help them put on condition to raise their calf. The yearling steers also get a little grain for extra protein to grow. We 'finish' our steers the last six months before slaughter by giving them grain, along with unlimited hay, to get that intra-meat fat called 'marbling'. The more marbling a piece of meat has, the higher the quality and the better the taste. Because we finish our cattle this way, and let them dry-age for two weeks (industry average is 4 days) after slaughter, our product is extremely tasty and flavorful, and is far healthier than what you find at your typical supermarket. We offer beef by the cut, quarter, side, or whole animal.