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We started our  Boer and Kiko meat goat herd as a project for Tucker, the youngest son, who was interested in raising something smaller than cows. We found that the meat goats don't really care for grass, but will go CRAZY for anything weedy or brushy. They are absolutely great if you want to clear out an overgrown area of woods or field. In the warmer months they are out browsing shrubs and pasture with and the pregnant mothers we give ear corn to as well. The kids are typically born January-May, with the occasional fall birth. They live with their mothers until three or four months of age.  After weaning the kids are put in  a separate pasture with access to the barn for supplemental second cutting hay and a little meat goat grain until they reach slaughter weight, at about 7-9 months. Most are sold to restaurants, but are also available to our customers if you order ahead.


California may be for happy cows, but happy goats reside in Piermont, NH.